18:48 - 16/03/2022

HUB welcomes representatives from AVSE Global and IPAG Business School- France to discuss cooperation

In the afternoon of March 16, 2022, at campus 36 Ton That Dam, District 1, Ho Chi Minh University of Banking (HUB) had a meeting with representatives of the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts - AVSE Global, France to discuss and discuss the Vietnam Symposium on International Business (VSIB2022) scheduled to take place in November 2022 .

        The Vietnam Symposium on International Business (VSIB) is an annual conference that has created a forum for researchers and policy makers from different fields to have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and update the developments of international trade policy, the impact of globalization, the experience of countries at different levels of development, and the interaction of countries. countries and organizations in a global context. This is also an opportunity for Vietnamese experts and international colleagues to present and exchange new researches, initiatives and cooperation experiences on current issues of international economy, business and finance.

On behalf of AVSE Global Representative, there was the presence of:
1. Prof. Nguyen Duc Khuong, Professor of Finance, IPAG Business School, University of France & Indiana, USA
2. Ms. Dao Thi Thu Thuy, Chief of Office of the Association

Welcoming the AVSE Global delegation, from HUB, there were

1. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duc Trung - Acting Rector of HUB
2. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Thi Thieu Dao – Vice Rector of HUB
3. Dr. Nguyen The Binh- Director of Banking Science and Technology Research Institute
4. Dr. Nguyen Van Thich - Deputy Director of Banking Science and Technology Research Institute
5. Ms. Luong Thi Thu Thuy - Deputy Director of International School of Business.

And other members from different departments

On the basis of the successful organization of the VSIB conference since 2019, the leaders of the two units discussed cooperation activities in 2022 in the following areas:

1. Organize VSIB 2022 conference scheduled in November 2022 with an expanded and more professional format.

2. IPAG cooperation to link training programs in banking and finance and Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing)

3. Create an innovative business platform and start a business

This combination helps HUB promote and improve quality, helping scientific research to achieve international standards; Through educational exchange programs, learners will have the opportunity to experience global learning, promote integration and increase job opportunities for students of Ho Chi Minh University of Banking.

Some photos from the meeting:

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