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University of Banking Ho Chi Minh City

Why choose the University of Banking Ho Chi Minh City

1. Traditional thickness:

The University of Banking is a public university under the State Bank of Vietnam. With a history of more than 40 years of construction and development, the University has become one of the leading centers for training, scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of economics, finance, banking and management. business. The school is the cradle training generations of professionals, managers, successful businessmen.


2. Teaching staff:

The University of Banking HCMC has nearly 500 faculty, staff, staff. Most faculty members have academic titles, professors, associate professors, PhDs and masters; Be trained at prestigious universities at home and abroad; Both experts, experienced researchers, and teachers are committed to the students.

In addition, the University also has a team of visiting lecturers from universities, research institutes, financial institutions - banks, domestic and foreign enterprises.


3. Modern training program, updated:

 The curriculum is built in accordance with AUN-QA standards and CIDO, and acquires, examines the training programs of international universities of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Holland, etc.

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City Banking University has 7 branches, including 10 training majors; With degrees from universities, masters and doctors; Formal training, work-study, international links .. meet the needs of learners.


4. Facilities:

The school has 02 training centers in Ho Chi Minh City Center and 01 training center in Thu Duc District with a total area of ​​over 11 hectares.

Modern classroom system, lecture theater, equipped with projector. The computer system practiced over 500 machines with high configuration, LCD screen 19 "or higher.

The open library system, facilities for recreation and recreation for students are invested synchronously, including Cawnteen, GYM, Mini Supermarket, volleyball court, multipurpose house, investment canteen Spacious, modern meeting the needs of study, study, practice, student activities and fun of students.

In addition to investing in modern facilities, BUH has built a green environment around the campus to create a green space for learning. This green environment is considered by many students to be one of the universities. Study the most beautiful campus in the city. Ho Chi Minh.


5. Students are the subject of the teaching and learning process

Beyond all the pride of achievement, spacious facilities, lecturer's team, ... the most important thing you get when you become a student at the University of Banking Ho Chi Minh City is an open living environment.

At BUH, student feedback is the foundation of BUH's ever-evolving building strategy. Channels for direct feedback through the organization of clubs, associations or online always create conditions for students to express their views, and make recommendations for teaching, learning and scientific research activities. And practice at the University.

This not only demonstrates the democratic thinking, innovation of the school leadership, shortens the distance between managers and students, but also gives the student a sense of ownership. I am in teaching and learning at university, thus becoming more aware of my responsibilities while studying and training in the school.

At present, the school has more than 40 clubs, playgrounds, and student learning environments, including: Debt, finance, banking, legal, English, events Sports, music, etc.


6. Scholarships and student support activities

Every year, more than 1,000 students with excellent academic achievements, students in excess of scholarships of all kinds with a total value of more than 5 billion from the sources: Scholarships Budget, scholarships for the banking sector, scholarships By banks, businesses and individuals.

The school also offers a wide range of student support services, creating an ideal environment for students to train and grow: the Movement of the Union, social work, the movement of sports and entertainment; Career exchange programs, field trips, meetings with experts, managers, soft skills training programs; Professional competitions, scientific research activities organized by the school; Internship assistance programs, job search assistance.


7. Strong relationships with businesses, banks; Along with extensive international cooperation.

The school has successfully developed a comprehensive cooperation relationship with many commercial banks, financial institutions, domestic and foreign enterprises, and international professional organizations. The University also has close relationships with prestigious universities from the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Association of Southeast Asian Universities ...

To provide hands-on experience, access to practical knowledge and create job opportunities for students after graduation, HCMC Banking University has signed strategic partnerships with BIDV, Vietcombank , SACOMB ANK, OCB, SCB to organize the exchange, share experience in practice.

The school has cooperated with SS4U partners to implement ERP training including human resource management, production management, purchasing, selling, cooperating with MISA to train accounting software in cooperation with SERENCO. To teach banking practice on Core Banking, the Bank Card practice ensures the combination of theory and practice so that students catch up on real work.

This has supported the school in a wide range of areas, including the development and renewal of curricula, accreditation and quality assurance, scientific research, associate training programs and student transitions. , Scholarship programs, fellowship programs, internships and job placement assistance ...


8. Career prospects

The results of the 2016 survey show that about 90% of students have jobs after graduation, of which the majority of students have jobs in the right trades.

Many generations of students and graduates from the University are working and holding positions in the Party, government, state-owned banks, commercial banks, financial institutions, enterprises. domestically and internationally. The success of alumni, alumni is the greatest pride of the school.


9. Tuition fees

Being a public university, the Banking University complies with the tuition fees set out in Decree 86/2015 of the Government. Specifically, the regular tuition fee for the 2016-2017 school year is VND6,700,000 per year, which is lower than the ceiling tuition fee.