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10:20 16/01/2019

The Second International Econometrics Conference - ECONVN2019

The Second International Econometrics Conference - ECONVN2019


Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City again coordinated with Springer Publishing House to organize an annual international conference on econometrics for the year 2019 (ECONVN 2019). This year's conference took place from January 14 to January 16, 2019, with the coordination of the Ho Chi Minh City Institute for Development Studies and the Department of Science and Technology. The conference has the theme of “Beyond traditional probabilistic methods in economics” and is the second event since its very successful predecessor ECONVN2018.

This international conference on econometrics helped scholars and researchers better understand traditional applied econometric models because its participants  introduced novel non-traditional research methods which can be applied in economic, financial and business administrative  research. Typical examples include the non-traditional probability methods and non-traditional econometric models.

Nearly 300 scholars, researchers, experts and leaders from universities and research institutes of countries such as the USA, Russia, Canada and Thailand…attended the conference this year. Another notable feature is that  entrepreneurs were also among the conference attendees. The conference served as a forum for scholars to exchange and update their research findings and experience related to modern quantitative tools being used by researchers around the world as well as trends to apply econometric tools to solve contemporary problems in Vietnam and the world. The conference also served as a special forum for researchers, students and leaders to present and discuss the most recent initiatives, trends, concerns and challenges encountered in reality and ways to apply econometric and statistical applications in problem solving.

At the conference, delegates heard a number of speeches and presentations delivered by renowned authors and shared, exchanged as well as discussed mathematical applications in the current economic and financial research setting.

 Some pictures taken at the conference