15:16 03/03/2016

Meeting key officials Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City May 01 2015

After 4 days New Year holidays, the air first working day of 2015, followed by briefings, meetings and Party Party extended periodically

Afternoon on 01/05/2015, University City Bank. HCM has organized a meeting of key officials to report school-wide preliminary May 12/2014 and implementing the work program in May 01/2015

NGUT.PGS.TS. Ly Hoang Anh - Party Secretary, Principal HCMC Banking University spoke at the Conference

The conference was attended by the managing board, the Standing Party Committee, Chairman of the delegation, Secretary of the Youth Union and the head of the unit. Addressing the Conference, Outstanding Teacher. Assoc. TS. Ly Hoang Anh, Party Secretary, Rector has reviewed the status of implementation of key tasks in the last quarter of 2014. Accordingly, the main mission of the university has been fully implemented, the the group abreast of key tasks set out earlier this year. By December 12/2014 has many important conference has been deployed, the premise and basis for important review, evaluate and offer solutions toward improving the quality of education, research scientific research of the university in the near future.

Based on the status of implementation of the work started in 2015, Dr. Tran Mai Testament, Office, assistant managing board has an overview of the key tasks will continue to be given priority in implementing the first quarter / 2015 are: implementation of the provisions of the cultural field offices ; Organizations awarded a diploma for Master and PhD students at the Thu Duc; Organize a conference to summarize the work of the Party (07/01/2015), the Conference CBCC, VC and NLD (15/01/2015); SV Tet Organization for unconditional return home and celebrate; Continue to implement the training programs of all systems: connected, work-study, degree 2, international cooperation and short-term classes according to plan and the roadmap set out to promote the advising education enrollment.
In the discussion, suggestions for the overall work of the school in the near future, the Conference also heard the reports and the exchange of opinions, discussion come from units across the University: School Leadership, Science Finance…
Speaking to the conference conclusions, Outstanding Teacher. Assoc. TS. Ly Hoang Anh has noted and welcomed the results achieved, the efforts of individuals and units in the entire school and shared the difficulties in the work of the early months, particularly Rector noted the key tasks to be done in the future, which must concentrate resources, build quality, ensuring the progress of the training program, course outlines, the program and the proposed plan the (cultural work, job placement schemes, working ISO). On measures, Rector require further strengthening discipline, discipline, proactive coordination in implementing the work, in the work of administration; strengthening inspection test, urge; continue to strengthen the application of information technology in schools; strictly implement the thorough reporting and statistics; strengthen the movement.

Meeting key officials this time, the school also made the announcement ceremony and award decisions for individuals are promoted or appointed positions, leadership positions of the department and related units .
Conference officials to take months 01/2015 with many important issues have been implemented new year promises a victory and success will come to University City Bank. Ho Chi Minh in 2015 /.