Welcome You've come to the site of the University of Electronic City Bank. Ho Chi Minh.

First of all, allow me on behalf of the faculty, employees and leaders City Banking University. Ho Chi Minh sent to you greeting respect and profound gratitude to all those who have, are interested in, share assistance during the journey home school construction and development.

Nearly 40 years of development, University City Bank. Ho Chi Minh City has become one of the leading centers for training, scientific research and technology transfer in the field of economic, financial - banking. From this roof, thousands of bachelors, masters, doctorate has been present throughout all parts of the country with an important contribution to the cause of economic development - the country's society.
Along with the growth of the country, the trend of the times, the objective development of University City Bank. HCM 2020 is to become a multidisciplinary university business management sector, including the economic and financial sectors - banking is the key. Creating an environment-friendly education, training and comprehensive development of human knowledge - morality - life skills with lofty ideals, dedication and serve the country, the people, contributing to the formation generation Global Citizens.

The mission of the University City Bank. Ho Chi Minh was built environment of modern education, ethnic and cultural resources to develop the potential, creativity and thinking capacity of each school; human resources training highly qualified, have firm political bravery; creation and transfer of scientific knowledge to meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization of the country; acquisition, dissemination, research, development of scientific and technological achievements in the field of school education.

During the development phases of University City Bank. Ho Chi Minh, the generation of collective leadership, faculty, employees and students of the University have a dynamic, creative and overcome all difficulties and challenges to continuously develop both the quality and scale of training apple. Strengthen exchanges and expand cooperation in training and scientific research with the universities of the countries UK, USA, Switzerland, Finland, Malaysia ... Implementation of the international mission to Laos, Cambodia, training of human resources in economic and financial sector - banks.

With the efforts, contributions, wisdom, strength and dedication of several generations, University City Bank. Ho Chi Minh has been honored by the Party and State awarded many honors, such as third-class Independence Medal (2006), third-class Labor Medal (1987), Labor Medal Class Two (1994) and First Class Labor Medal (2001) and the other noble rewards of the Government, ministries and people's Committees of provinces and the State Bank of Vietnam.

To get the achievements and position today, in addition to the relentless effort of generations of teachers, employees and students of the University, University City Bank. Ho Chi Minh has received the attention and support of the Party, the Government, ministries and especially the State Bank of Vietnam, the alumni, the students of the School. We appreciate and are grateful for the shared and precious cheer, wish to continue to receive the support and assistance of the media leaders, agencies, friends domestic and international.

On behalf of the entire faculty, employees, leaders and students of the University, I would like to send you wishes for health, happiness and success.