Message from the Rector

 Welcome to the Banking University – Ho Chi Minh City.

First of all, please allow me - on behalf of the management and staff of the Banking University Ho Chi Minh City - to extend our sincere respect and profound gratitude towards all that have offered goodwill and support to the Banking University - Ho Chi Minh City during our journey of establishment and development.

After over 40 years of development, the Banking University - Ho Chi Minh City proves to be one of the leading centres for education, research and technology transfer in the fields of economy, banking and finance. Thousands of graduates having earned bachelor’s as well as master’s degrees and doctorates from the institution have paid great contributions to the cause of economic and social development throughout Vietnam.

To keep abreast of with the growth of the country and the trend of the times, the Banking University - Ho Chi Minh City aims at establishing itself as a university in the field of business studies and management with a focus on finance and banking studies. The Banking University - Ho Chi Minh City also sets a goal to offer a friendly environment in education to assist students in fully developing their knowledge, ethics, professional skills, and lofty ideals to be prepared to pay contributions to the nation, to the community, and to the self (to become, say, a global citizen). 

The Banking University – Ho Chi Minh City conducts, moreover, a mission: to establish a  modern education environment featuring Vietnamese identity that develops each learner’s potentials, creativity, and critical thinking competence; to build professionally and politically qualified human resources for the community; to create and introduce new knowledge to the community’s demand for national industrialisation and modernisation;  and to receive, develop, and transfer know-hows, patents, licenses, etc.  

 Undertaking the long expedition to reap the fruits of development, the management, the staff, and students – of all ages and generations – of the Banking University – Ho Chi Minh City have performed their dynamism, creativity, persistence, and determination to increase the scope and quality of education; to strengthen cooperation in both education and research with universities from the UK, the USA, Switzerland, Finland, Malaysia, etc.; and finally to provide – as part of an international mission – Laos’s and Cambodia’s human resources with the latest professional knowledge and skills in banking and finance.

 All the attempts, efforts, and contribution coming from the Banking University – Ho Chi Minh City’s several generations’ wisdom, strength and energy have crystallised into various honorary titles and outstanding achievements: third-rate Independence Medal (2006), third-rate Labour Medal (1987), second-rate Labour Medal (1994), first-rate Labour Medal (2001), and other honorary prizes awarded by both the government - including the State Bank and various ministries- and provincial People Committees.

All the fruits cannot come without, apart from our staff and students’ great efforts and pursuit, the assistance and patronage the Banking University – Ho Chi Minh City have received from the Party, the government - including various ministries and the State Bank -, and the school’s alumni. We cherish and appreciate the great source of precious encouragement and look forward to further goodwill support and contributions from the government, partners, and friends within and without.

On behalf of the management, the staff and the students of the Banking University – Ho Chi Minh City, I would like to send you the best wishes for health, happiness, and success. 


Bùi Hữu Toàn, PhD.

Acting Rector and Party Committee Secretary