General goals to 2020

· Develop the Banking University of HCMC into a prestigious university in the fields of training, scientific research, and banking,finance and business administration consultancy in Vietnam and Asia; develop a well-qualified teaching and managerial staff with research capabilities; ensure modern facilities and equipment to facilitatethe school’s activities; set uptraining programs matchingthe tertiary educational level in the region and approachdevelopment trendsworlwide; obtain a high competitive edge and adaptability toglobal integration.

Specific goals

· Improvetraining quality;enable learners to access  updated specialized knowledge, to applyscientific technology and to enhance their skills and work ethics.

· Develop proper training scale; increase both the scope and training quality atPostgraduate and Doctoral levels. Utilize means of information technology -social communication and modern tools in teaching and learning.

· Utilize modern teaching methods with the motto “Teach the learning methods; improve learnerautonomy”.; and gradually modernize the teaching facilitiesand internationalize the training programs.

· Encourage and attach scientific research with training activities to serve the industry, as well as society.

· Reinforce international cooperation to support training activities, transferscientific and  technological breakthroughs and take advantage of international cooperative activities to serve the industry and society.

· Verify the tertiary education quality and apply specific measures to ensure the training quality of the school.

· Develop a well-qualifiedteaching and managerial staff with good personality and career ethics, high expertise, professional working manners,and advanced managerial and teaching style.

· Computerize administrative managerial affairs to meet the formal and modern requiremens; so as tosave expenditure and labor.

· Promote and accelerate upgrade programs to place the school on par with its counterparts in the region and in the world.