1. Aims
   To establish the Banking University – Ho Chi Minh City as a university in the field of business studies and management with a focus on finance and banking studies; as one of the best among the second raters with an orientation of applied sciences in 2020 and then as the leading one in the sector; as a university qualified for the region’s assessment standards and benchmarks.

2. Objectives 
     - To develop curricula so that they can both equip students with up-to-date knowledge and be accepted by foreign institutions for further education and transfer programs;
    - To foster studies on and application of in-depth science and technology and to maximize advantages of the school’s finance and banking studies;
    - To develop the teaching staff satisfactory in quality and quantity ; 
    - To upgrade modern facilities suitable for education, training, and research;  
   - To channel all the resources into the development of the school based on the co-relations between the school and the community; 
   - To build an independent university with good management competence.